Round 9, The South Downs Social Wessex CX League, Andover Supercross

Andover Supercross is most definitely one of the best and most prestigious courses on the Wessex calendar. Tricky ruts, long sandpits, and straights to lay down the power, Andover delivers it all, and delivers it all perfectly. This year, the sand returned, but even bigger than normal, and the ruts being formed were something else! All in all, this course was ridiculous, fun to ride, but hard to do so quickly.


Under 8: The under 8 races show us the upcoming talent in the cyclocross scene. The young riders battled through technical terrain, such as sand and banks to complete the course.

Female Results:
1st. Theodora Hall – Kingston CC
2nd. Cordelia Dampney – Poole Wheelers CC
3rd. Daisy Adams – Bristol Dev CC

Male Results:
1st. Jake Avis – Verulam
2nd. Tom Gregory – CTW Racing
3rd. Jack Weisburg – Cycle Stars


Under 10: The under 10 riders used skill and power to get their small bikes through the rough sections. It’s always impressive to see how well these riders do, on such technical courses.

Female results:
1st. Kaira De Masa – Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2nd. Nancy Wagstaff – Sprockets CC
3rd. Rosanna Bull – CTW Racing

Male Results:
1st. Oscar Northover – Southborough District
2nd. Ben Gregory – CTW Racing
3rd. Edward Nicholls – Hillingdon Slipstreamers


Under 12: The under 12 riders always prove their excellent skill throughout racing.

Girls results:
1st. Isabella Mar-Molinero – Solent Pirates
2nd. Florence Cooper – Palmer Park Velo
3rd. Eve Carline – Sotonia CC

Boys results:
1st. Oscar Chambers – VC Londres
2nd. Jacob Wadlow – Solent Pirates
3rd. Riley Tonner – Palmer Park Velo


Under 14: The U14 riders are fuelled with motivation to not get caught by the stronger U16 riders. With this in the picture, the racing is fast and furious.

1st. Lauren Fox – Mid Devon CC
2nd. Eva Mar-Molinero – Solent Pirates
3rd. Sophie Jacobs – Solent Pirates

1st. Harry Cooper – Palmer Park Velo
2nd. Lenz Haring – Entente Cycliste
3rd. Thomas Wilks – Sotonia CC


Under 16: The under 16 riders post lap times faster than some of the adults. The racing is close, exciting and definitely provides some of the best racing of the day.

1st. Georgia Mahoney – Magspeed Racing
2nd. Isabella Hall – Sotonia CC
3rd. Isla Hoult – Solent Pirates

1st. Niclas Olley – Sotonia CC
2nd. Jack Morgan – Solent Pirates
3rd. Thomas Allen – Sotonia CC


Junior Open: Some of the fastest of the day. These racers are the future of Cyclocross and Wessex is home to some very talented individuals.

1st. Ben Coppola – Scott Racing
2nd. Sam Budd – CTW Racing
3rd. George Connell – Sotonia CC


Open racing: The adult men always put on a show for the audience. If it’s the v40-49 racing the young juniors, or the v50-59 racing with the seniors, it’s always action packed.

Vet 40-49:
1st. Paul Lloyd – Banjo Cycles
2nd. Adrian Lansley – PedalOn
3rd. Andrew Taylor – C and N Cycles

Vet 50-59:
1st. Chris Ames – Newport Phoenix CC
2nd. Dean Hitchings – Cotswold Cycles RT
3rd. Tony Anderson – Salisbury Road and Mountain CC

Vet 60+:
1st. Kevin Holloway – GS Vecchi
2nd. Dave McMullen – Cotswold Veldrijden
3rd. John Alderman – GS Vecchi


Female racing: the number of women in Cyclocross is continuing to grow, which is just great to see. Wessex riders provide inspiration to younger girls getting into cross, by providing respect, and also brilliant racing.

Junior Female:
1st. Anna Patterson – Ignite
2nd. Amelia Staunton – Sprockets CC
3rd. Emma Harrison – Sotonia CC

Senior Female:
1st. Katie Scott
2nd. Lindy Brazier-Larkin – Sarum Velo
3rd. Anna Boniface – Reading CC

Vet 40-49:
1st. Kate Robson – Pedalon
2nd. Tracy Bremner – Pedalon
3rd. Gemma Wilks – Sotonia CC

Vet 50-59:
1st. Catherine Kilburn – Mid Devon CC
2nd. Caroline Goward – Scott Racing
3rd. Michelle Williams – West Drayton

Vet 60+: 1st. Julie Hughes – Pedalon


Senior Open: the real deal. The leaders of the senior open category, post the fastest lap times in the day of racing. Making little mistakes, but laying down the most power, these riders are very impressive – especially Mike Simpson, a v50 veteran, showing the youngsters how it’s done with second place!

1st. Joseph Taylor – Magspeed Racing
2nd. Mike Simpson – Beeline RT
3rd. Oscar Hoult – VC Venta

Thank you for all the course designers and marshalls for helping put on such a great racing day. See you all at Southampton Sports Centre for Crabwood’s round and the penultimate race of the season, on the 21st of January.


Photos: Pitchside Paul

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