Round 10, The South Downs Social Wessex CX League, Clanfield

Round 10 of the 23/24 Wessex league returned us to Clanfield, this time, it wasn’t 30 degrees! Arguably, the toughest course of the season, with brutal climbs, and steep run ups, making the course relentless. Coupled with tricky off-cambers and a slick surface, meant riders had to be on the ball from start to finish. The ruts, stairs, logs and hurdles, along with long gruelling straights meant the course was a true physical test, which benefited riders with both technical skill, and power.


Race Highlights:

Under 8

Boys: Oscar Jones showed exceptional bike control, navigating the mud with finesse. Han Lu battled valiantly through the tough conditions to secure second place. Thomas Coomber demonstrated remarkable determination, earning the third spot.

Girls: Theodora Hall was a mud-diving sensation, powering through to claim the top spot. Martha Kiddell displayed impressive resilience to finish in second place. Emma Coomber showed tremendous grit, securing the third position.

Under 10

Boys: Edward Nicholls mastered the slippery descents and climbs, clinching victory. Freddie Trosh displayed strong technical skills to secure the second position. Archie Frogley battled through the mud to claim the third spot.

Girls: Daisy Duffield, a force to be reckoned with, dominated the course to secure first place. Kaira De Masa showcased impressive determination, finishing second. Harriet Grundy navigated the challenging terrain to secure third place.

Under 12

Boys: Jacob Wadlow commanded the course, showcasing exceptional skill and securing victory. Riley Tonner battled through the slippery sections to claim the second position. Edward Peters demonstrated unwavering determination, finishing third.

Girls: Isabella Mar-Molinero powered through the challenging course, earning the top spot. Florence Cooper showed remarkable resilience, securing the second position. Eve Carline navigated the mud with finesse to finish third.

Under 14

Boys: Harry Cooper, a mud maestro, conquered the course, securing the gold. Thomas Wilks battled fiercely to finish second in a competitive field. Daniel Branford showed determination, clinching the third position.

Girls: Emma Knox dominated the slippery sections, earning the top spot in the girls’ category. Harriet Butcher navigated the mud with skill, securing second place. Eva Mar-Molinero showed incredible resolve, finishing third.

Under 16

Boys: Leon Atkins, a master of the mud, powered through to claim the top spot. Jack Morgan showed strategic racing tactics, securing second place. Alarik Knox battled fiercely to finish third.

Girls: Isla Pattinson outpaced the competition, demonstrating skill and determination to secure victory. Georgia Mahoney showcased impressive bike-handling, finishing second. Heidi Roscoe navigated the challenging terrain to claim the third spot.


Open: In the junior open, Miles Horner claimed top spot at his home event, riding the course with prowess and precision. In second place, Sam Budd, who just rolled Tom Bottomley in a head to head finish,

Female: Emma Harrison had a very strong ride, making it through the course with little problems, meaning she took the win. Closely behind, Tabitha Ward took second.

Veteran 40-49

Open: Paul Lloyd, a veteran of the sport, conquered the tough conditions to secure first place. James Alloway showed resilience, battling through the mud to finish second. Andrew Gardiner navigated the slippery sections to clinch the third position.

Female: Rowena Duffield a dominant force, showcased her experience, securing victory. Judit Daniell battled valiantly, finishing second. Tracy Bremner navigated the challenging terrain to claim the third spot.

Veteran 50-59

Open: Mike Simpson proved age is just a number, conquering the course to secure the gold. Tony Anderson displayed impressive skill, finishing second.
Jonathan Hall navigated the muddy sections to claim the third position.

Female: Helen Pattinson, showed class and determination, securing victory among the veteran females. Caroline Goward battled through the mud to finish second.
Katy Parsons navigated the slippery terrain to claim the third spot.

Veteran 60+

Open: John Mcgrath, had a splendid ride, navigating the challenging course to secure the topspot, followed closely by Kevin Holloway. Dave McMullen took third.

Female: Lydia Gould was back at Wessex CX, returning to the league in style, with a dominant win. In second place. Julie Hughes.


Open: Tom Couzens had a very strong ride, in a tough field, the other riders couldn’t match his power and skill, resulting in a victory. Samuel Nisbet took second, and Jay Cracknell filled the remaining podium spot.

Female: Lindy Brazier-Larkin had a very strong ride through tough conditions, meaning she took the win. Katie Scott took second, and Carly Ibbitson took third, in a strung out race.

That’s all the Wessex Races for 2023! Time flies, but we’ll be back in 2024 for the remaining rounds. Andover Supercross, a rider favourite, is confirmed, so enjoy the Christmas break, but get that sand pit practice in!

Photos: Pitchside Paul

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