Round 11, The South Downs Social Wessex CX League, Crabwood

The penultimate race of the season in Southampton, a changed course from previously in the season, but still bringing the technical aspects of the sports centre, along with the power sections, this course was a great mixture for every rider.

Under 8 Category: The youngest riders demonstrated incredible determination and skill on the course. Tom Gregor and Theodora Hall victorious in the male and female categories, leaving a promise of future cyclocross champions in their wake.

1st. Tom Gregory – CTW Racing
2nd. Oscar Jones – North Hants RC
3rd. Noah Davis – Costswold Veldrijden

1st. Theodora Hall – Kingston Junior CC
2nd. Cordelia Dampney
3rd. Daisy Adams – Bristol CC


Under 10 Category: Ben Gregory and Kaira De Masa stood out in the Under 10 category, showcasing remarkable bike-handling skills and agility, capturing the attention of the crowd with their thrilling performances.

1st. Ben Gregory – CTW Racing
2nd. Edward Nicholls – Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3rd. Freddie Trosh – Sotonia CC

1st. Kaira De Masa – Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2nd. Nancy Wagstaff – Sprocket CC
3rd. Rosana Bull – CTW Racing


Under 12 Category: Edward Peters and Isabella Mar-Molinero dominated the Under 12 category, negotiating the course’s twists and turns with precision and flair, earning them well-deserved victories.

1st. Edward Peters – Cheltenham Town Wheelers
2nd. Ewan Allaway – Sprockets CC
3rd. Jamie Kerry – Cotswold Veldrijden

1st. Isabella Mar-Molinero – Solent Pirates
2nd. Florence Cooper – Palmer Park Velo
3rd. Eve Carline – Sotonia CC


Under 14 Category: In the Under 14 category, Thomas Wilks and Sophie Jacobs exhibited a combination of speed and technical prowess, leaving their competitors in the dust and securing their places at the top of the podium.

1st. Thomas Wilks – Sotonia CC
2nd. Adam Short – Cotswold Veldrijden
3rd. Daniel Branford – Poole Wheelers

1st. Sophie Jacobs – Sotonia CC
2nd. Eva Mar-Molinero – Sotonia CC
3rd. Isla Watson – Sotonia CC


Under 16 Category: The Under 16 races were intense, with Niclas Olley and Isla Pattinson showcasing maturity beyond their years in claiming the top spots in the male and female divisions.

1st. Niclas Olley – Sotonia CC
2nd. Jack Morgan – Solent Pirates
3rd. Sam Genazzini – Solent Pirates

1st. Isla Pattinson – Solent Pirates
2nd. Georgia Mahoney – Magspeed Racing
3rd. Heidi Roscoe – Cheltenham Town Wheelers


Junior Category: In the junior category, the future stars of cyclocross emerged, with Miles Horner and Anna Patterson leading the pack and demonstrating their potential as the sport’s next generation.

1st. Miles Horner – Ignite
2nd. Sam Budd – CTW Racing
3rd. James Martin – Revolve Velo Club

1st. Anna Patterson – IGNITE
2nd. Amelia Staunton – Sprockets CC
3rd. Electra Morris – Brother UK


Vet 40-49 Category: The veterans brought their A-game to the course, with Paull Lloyd and Kate Robson proving that age is just a number, dominating the Vet 40-49 category.

1st. Paul Lloyd – Banjo Cycles
2nd. James Alloway – Pedalon
3rd. Tom Budden – Sotonia CC

1st. Kate Robson – Pedalon
2nd. Gemma Wilks – Sotonia CC
3rd. Sarah Morgan – Solent Pirates Youth CC


Vet 50-59 Category: Experience shone through in the Vet 50-59 category, with Tony Anderson and Helen Pattinson demonstrating that cyclocross is a sport that only gets better with time.

1st. Tony Anderson – Salibury Road and Mountain CC
2nd. Tim Hyde – Pronto Bikes
3rd. Peter Christopher – High Wycombe CC

1st. Helen Pattinson – Montezumas RT
2nd. Caroline Goward – Scott Racing
3rd. Katy Parsons – Salisbury RC


Vet 60+ Category: The seasoned riders in the Vet 60+ category displayed an inspiring level of tenacity, with Kev Holloway and Julie Hughes leading the way and proving that passion for cyclocross knows no age limits.

1st. Kev Holloway – GS Vecchi
2nd. Dave McMullen – Cotswold Veldrijden
3rd. Tim Costello – GS Vecchi

1st. Julie Hughes – Pedalon


Senior: The seniors battled through the muddy conditions to post the fastest lap times of the day. Led by Joe Taylor, and Lindy Brazier-Larkin.

1st. Joe Taylor – Magspeed Racing
2nd. Gino Casal
3rd. David Bone – RC Ravenna

1st. Lindy Brazier-Larkin – Sarum Velo Aerosporting
2nd. Carly Ibbitson – Fareham Wheelers CC
3rd. Katie Youp


Photos: Pitchside Paul

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