Round 12, The South Downs Social Wessex CX League, Crow

The season has gone quickly, because Sunday’s race was the final round of the 23-24 wessex season. Crow Cross hosted, and provided their usual standard of great, challenging courses, with something for everyone! All riders seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day of racing.


Under 8 Category: The day kicked off with the Under 8 category, showcasing the future stars of cyclocross. These young riders fearlessly navigated the challenging course, demonstrating impressive bike-handling skills.

1st. Thomas Coomber – Poole Wheelers
2nd. Oscar Jones – North Hanta RC
3rd.  Noah Davis – Cotswold Velidrijen

1st. Theodora Hall – Kingston Junior CC
2nd. Daisy Adams – Bristol CC
3rd. Cordelia Dampney – Poole Wheelers CC

Under 10 Category: As the day progressed, the Under 10 racers took centre stage. The male competition saw Edward Nicholls securing a well-deserved win, while Harriet Grundy dominated the female category, showcasing exceptional speed and determination.

1st. Edward Nicholls – Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2nd. Elma Streule – Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3rd. Fletcher Pierce – Sprockets CC

1st. Harriet Grundy – Sprockets CC
2nd. Emily Williams
3rd. Anoushka Lee – Solent Pirates

Under 12 Category: The Under 12 category witnessed fierce competition, with Riley Tonner and Isabella Mar-Molinero emerging as the champions in the male and female divisions, respectively. These young riders demonstrated a remarkable ability to handle technical sections and challenging terrain, leaving spectators in awe.

1st. Isabella Mar-Molinero – Solent Pirates CC
2nd. Florence Cooper – Palmer Park Velo
3rd. Eve Carline – Sotonia CC

1st. Riley Tonner – Palmer Park Velo
2nd. William Terry – Poole Wheelers CC
3rd. Lorenzo Scarponi – Sotonia CC

Under 14 Category: In the Under 14 category, the Open race was a close battle, with Harry Cooper narrowly edging out the competition to claim victory. Meanwhile, Emma Knox showcased unparalleled skill and speed in the female category, securing a well-deserved win and leaving spectators eagerly anticipating her future performances.

1st. Harry Cooper – Palmer Park Velo
2nd. Thomas Wilks – Sotonia CC
3rd. Adam Short – Cotswold Velidrijen

1st. Emma Knox – Verulam
2nd – Sophie Jacobs – Solent Pirates
3rd. Eva Mar-Molinero – Solent Pirates

Under 16 Category: The Under 16 category showcased the transition from youth to the more competitive junior division. Alarik Knox and Isla Pattinson emerged as the open and female champions, respectively.

1st. Alarik Knox – Verulam
2nd – Niclas Olley – Sotonia CC
3rd.  Jack Morgan – Solent Pirates

1st. Isla Pattinson – Solent Pirates CC
2nd. Isabella Hall – Sotonia CC
3rd. Georgia Mahoney – Magspeed Racing

Junior Category: The Junior category featured some of the most thrilling racing of the day. Sam Budd and Anna Patterson proved their prowess in the open and female divisions, navigating the course with finesse and determination..

1st. Sam Budd – CTW Racing
2nd. George Connell – Sotonia CC
3rd. James Martin – Revolve VC

1st. Anna Patterson – Ignite
2nd. Emma Harrison – Sotonia CC


Veteran Categories: The veteran categories brought together a mix of experience and enduring passion for the sport. In the Vet 40-49 category, Adrian Lansley claimed victory among the open racers, while Gemma Wilks showcased her dominance in the female division.

1st. Adrian Lansley – Pedalon
2nd. Jay Tarrant – New Forest CC
3rd. Tom Budden – Sotonia CC

1st. Gemma Wilks – Sotonia CC
2nd – Tracy Bremner – Pedalon
3rd. Judit Daniell – VC Venta

The Vet 50-59 category witnessed a battle of seasoned competitors, with Paul Hopkins and Helen Pattinson securing victories in the open and female divisions, respectively. Their experience and strategic racing proved invaluable on the challenging course.

1st. Paul Hopkins – Gillingham Wheelers
2nd. Tim Hyde – Pronto Bikes
3rd. Tony Andersom – Salisbury RC

1st. Helen Pattinson – Montezuma’s RT
2nd. Katy Parsons – Salisbury RC
3rd. Suzanne Wise – Crawley Wheelers


In the Vet 60+ category, Tim Costello and Lydia Gould demonstrated that age is just a number, conquering the course with determination and skill.

1st. Tim Costello – GS Vecchi
2nd. Dave McMullen – Cotswold Velidrijen
3rd. John Alderman – GS Vecchi

1st. Lydia Gould – Velo Club Venta
2nd. Julie Hughes – Pedalon

In the senior race, Anna Boniface, and David Bone, were winners in their races, respectively, flying around the course with speed and agility.

1st. David Bone – RC Ravenna
2nd. Gino Casale
3rd. Oscar Hoult – VC Venta

1st. Anna Boniface – Reading CC
2nd. Lindy Brazier-Larkin – Sarum Velo
3rd. Sarah Toms – RAFCA


Well, thats a wrap for this season. A huge thank you to all the clubs and event organizers for putting on seamless, well organised events for everyone to enjoy. Thank you to Eventrex for timing, and the Committee for making sure the league runs smoothly.


Photos: Pitchside Paul

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