Race Report – Round #6, Sparsholt

Report by Graham Robins

Sam Allen (PedalOn) made it onto the top step of the podium at today’s race after leading the race from start to finish. Jamie Norfolk, Allen’s team mate was second to increase the Tadley shops dominance of this season league. Despite a slight parting with his bike, Alex Forrester (Zepnat.com) pulled himself back up to complete the podium positions.

Today’s race was promoted by Winchester club VC Venta and held within lovely setting of the Sparsholt Agricultural College. The course had everything a race could want; we had ups and downs, grassland, gravel, tarmac and a small section of sand to please every type of rider style. Even the sun made an appearance on the first day of winter timetable.

With the light of the day beginning to slip away a large field of seniors lined up for the final round of the day. As the race started Forrester made to grass start loop to his liking but Allen quickly made his move and passed the temporary leader. The front of the race quickly settled down into single file as Allen began to ease away from Norfolk, Forrester and Tom Budden (Sotonia CC). Also staying with the leaders were Tom Sewell (Cotswold Veldrijden), Michael Guilford (VC Meudon) and David Spencer from the host club.

On the second lap with Allen already well clear of Norfolk there was some fun and games with the little group behind as first of all Budden caught his bars in the tape and he exited a tight corner as his front wheel washed away dumping him over his bars and on the ground. This did little to slow Forrester who quickly got past; Budden was quick to jump up and only lost a place. Later on the lap it was Forrester’s turn to part from his bike but like Budden he was quick to recover.

The nature of the long lap allowed riders to get a gap over the next rider and there were little to no position changes for the six laps. Tom Sewell and Michael Guilford were in a little battle in the middle of the pack and Karl Norfolk (PedalOn) was picking off places and now he was up to seventh were the only changes throughout the race distance.

So with Allen all on his own and with Norfolk 34secs down he was able to take his first win of the season. Forrester took the final podium spot albeit a minute down.

In the combined Women’s race there was a return to cross racing for Swindon based rider Claire Smith (Cotswold Veldrijden) and she looked like she had not been away. Leading the race in the early stages was Lindy Larkin (Sarum Velo) who led the race away and quickly started to make a break. Smith had to start further down the grid but by the second lap she was on the wheel of Larkin and then didn’t waste any time in getting past the younger rider. With Jennifer Forrester down in fifth place and second senior Larkin’s position on the top step of the podium was almost secure. Smith kept building on here lead and at the bell she was 45secs ahead of Larkin but 58secs over second vet rider Jessica Connor (Cotswold Veldrijden). The Scott Racing rider Caroline Goward was now third vet on the ‘road’ with Alison Rothnie (Spokes BPC Racing) the third senior rider but she was running in 8th.

Owen Pattinson (Owens Cycles) was dominate in the vet 50+ race leading from the start, he opened a gap over Chris Hutchings (VC Venta) and Tim Costello (GS Vecchi) and set off into the distance never to be seen. Costello was joined by Gary Barlow (Reading CC) on the second lap as Hutchinson slipped back. Mike Williams (Fareham Wheelers) was the next rider to get past Hutchinson but this was the last change of places before the chequered flag.

The combined vet 40+ and junior race was won by Angus Hawkins (PPV) who had been in a tussle all race with vet rider William McDonald (Banjo Cycles) and the two took the race right down to the wire. After swapping places throughout the race Hawkins took his opportunity going into the final twisty wooded single track section to make his move. Once clear of the trees Hawkins had a clear run to the line but Pattinson was not going to give up the win easily and on the line the younger rider took the win by 1sec. Roger Prior (Jericho) was running third all on his own with Jonathan Hall (Sotonia CC) the third placed vet back in sixth place. In between the vet riders were Matthew Coulson (PPV) and Liam Sewell (Cotswold Veldrijden) taking the other two podium spots.

(full results)


1st Sam Allen PedalOn 53mins 26secs

2nd Jamie Norfolk PedalOn @34secs

3rd Alex Forrester Zepnat.com @59secs

4th Tom Budden Sotonia CC 1min 17secs

5th Tom Sewell Cotswold Veldrijden 1min 36secs

6th Michael Guilford VC Meudon @1min 37secs

7th Karl Norfolk PedalOn @1min 48secs

8th Dave Spencer VC Venta @3mins 05secs

9th Dan Atkins Didcot Phoenix @3mins 06secs

10th Oscar Hutchings VC Equipe-Flix


1st Claire Smith Cotswold Veldrijden 42mins 39secs 1st Vet

2nd Lindy Larkin Sarum Velo @45secs 1st Senior

3rd Jessica Connor Cotswold Veldrijden @58secs 2nd vet

4th Caroline Goward Scott Racing 3rd vet

5th Jennifer Forrester Zepnat 2nd senior

6th Cam Powell PedalOn

7th Rachel Clay VC Meudon

8th Alison Rothnie BPC Spokes Racing 3rd senior

9th Bethan Stubbs Bianchi Dama UK

10th Lauren Cracknell PedalOn

Vet 50+

1st Owen Pattinson Owens Cycles 37mins 43secs

2nd Gary Barlow Reading CC

3rd Tim Costello GS Vecchi

4th Mike Williams Fareham Wheelers

5th Chris Hutchings VC Venta

6th Phillip Boarer GS Vecchi

7th Martyn Dymond C&N Cycles

8th Malcolm Cross VC Venta

9th Anthony Dyment NHRC

10th Robert Waller Banjo Cycles

Vet 40+/junior

1st Angus Hawkins PPV 38mins 15secs 1st junior

2nd William McDonald Banjo Cycles @1sec 1st vet

3rd Roger Prior Jericho 2nd vet

4th Matthew Coulson PPV 2nd junior

5th Liam Sewell Cotswold Veldrijden 3rd junior

6th Jonathan Hall Sotonia CC 3rd vet

7th Ben Bishop Charlotteville CC

8th Paul Jones Cotswold Veldrijden

9th Rory west Reading CC

10th Jay Allen PedalOn