Round 4, Winchester, 4th Oct 2015

GR151004_709_300pxBen Sumner (Beeline Cycles) won the latest round of the Wessex Cyclo Cross league held at the Army training centre within the Sir John Moore Barracks near to Winchester and was promoted by the Eden Veranda Race Team. The 22 year old from Reading continued his fine form at the start of the new season winning his third Wessex League race this season.

Right from the start of the race Sumner was on it pulling out a good lead as they approached the third wooded section just before completing the first lap. Behind Ben riders were scraping for places with last week’s winner Sam Allen (PedalOn) second and Matt Macdonald third although his race was to be cut short with illness. Chasing leaders were Paul Lloyd (Rides on Air), Scott Chappell (Behind the Bikeshed) and a pair of Eden veranda riders James Cotty and Joe Hickerton.

After one lap the race settles down with one change as Richard Mardle (NFTO) gets amongst the chasing pack and is soon running neck and neck with Allen. As the laps ticked away Sumner increased his lead to nearly 20secs over Allen and Mardle and Lloyd at 26secs and the rest beginning to lose time and the long arduous course took its toll. Behind the leading group was a good battle between Paul Double (VC Veranda) in his first cross race, Scott Chappell and Jamie Norfolk (PedalOn).

The last three laps didn’t see any change in position with Sumner leading Mardle and Allen with Lloyd nearly 90secs down. As Sumner had already finished all eyes were on the battle for second place. Allen came into view first with Mardle right on his wheel. As they entered the wooded section Mardle made a move and exited the trees first to finish 6secs ahead of the PedalOn rider.

below: The sandpit was a great specator point

Winchester CX Oct 2015

In the vet 50+ race Steven Davies (Hargroves Cycles) was again the winner, his fourth straight win of the season with another gun to flag win. Davies soon built up a lead over Dave McMullen (Cotswold Veldrijden) and Tim Costello (GS Vecchi). Also running near to the front were Kevin Holloway (VC 10), Chris Hutchings (VC Venta) and Phil Boarer (Blazing Saddles).

Sarah Barber (NHRC) was again the winner of the women’s race winning by 20secs from Fay Cripps (Southdown Bikes) and Helen Pattinson on the third step of the podium. Sarah led the race from the start as Pattinson and Cripps traded place early on and Susan Parker was right there with them. Natasha Reddy (RP Racing) was 6th and the first junior. With a couple of laps to go Barber led Cripps by 20secs who in turn led Pattinson by 25secs. Parker was just out the top four with Rosy Brown (Westbury Wheelers) fifth and Natasha Reddy sixth.

below: NHRC had a strong womens team

Winchester CX Oct 2015

Dan Guest (Performance Cycles) won the vet40 race from Crispin Doyle (Hargroves Cycles) with Tom Sewell winning the junior race his fourth of the season.

below:  Archie Scott on his way to winning the Youth Race

Winchester CX Oct 2015

Report by Graham Robins

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Provisional Results


1st Ben Sumner Beeline Cycles 55mins 22secs

2nd Richard Mardle NFTO @14secs

3rd Sam Allen PedalOn @20secs

4th Paul Lloyd Rides on Air @1min 53secs

5th Scott Chappell Behind the Bikeshed @2mins 17secs



1st Dan Guest Performance Cycles 42mins 09secs

2nd Crispin Doyle Hargroves Cycles @58secs

3rd Greg Tognarelli South Down Bikes @3mins 32secs

4th Graham Rogerson Cotswold Veldrijden

5th Gary Barlow Reading CC



1st Tom Sewell Cotswold Veldrijden

2nd Joshua Hooper Primera Sport

3rd Charlie Cooper Eden Veranda RT


Vet 50

1st Steve Davies Hargroves Cycles

2nd Dave McMullen Cotswold Veldrijden @1min 19secs

3rd Tim Costello GS Vecchi @1min 35secs

4th Kevin Holloway VC-10

5th Chris Hutchings VC Venta



1st Sarah Barber North Hants RC 43mins 27secs

2nd Fay Cripps South Downs Bikes @20secs

3rd Helen Pattinson Solent Pirates @25secs

4th Susan Parker NHRC

5th Georgie Panchaud



1st Natasha Reddy RP Racing

2nd Kara Perryman Solent Pirates

3rd Emma Pitt PPV