League Numbers Update

CXNumberFor the 2015/16 season the Wessex League has introduced a registration scheme and the use of fixed numbers.  This is to help speed up sign-on and results.

Riders taking part in the league are either ;

a)  Registered    (and on the registration list HERE )

b)  Non Registered

The only difference is that Registered riders have been allocated a fixed number for all races that are using Black Sheep Chip Timing.

Non Registered riders will be allocated a number on the day hence their number will be different from race to race.

Registered riders may take away their number and bring it with them to their next race.

Non registered riders should return their number on the day.

The ankle chip should always be returned to the sign-on desk after your race.

Registered riders have numbers in the range 1 to 411.

Non registered riders will be allocated a number in the range 600 down to 412.

If you registered but have lost your number then the league does have some spares so you can collect a fresh number at your next race.

Although the numbers appear disposable they are made of toughened paper and can withstand a lot of abuse.

If you have any queries about the registration and sign-on process for this season then please email  seanbolton@yahoo.com  who will help answer any problems.

The registration system is new for this season and it will take a little while for everyone to become familiar with it.