Tidworth CX Information

It is the last round of the Wessex League this Sunday.  Some information about the event below from organiser Jason.

On-the-Day entry is available.

Final preparations are now in place for the final round of the Wessex League this Sunday here at Tidworth.

With all the recent rain the course is surprisingly well drained and should hold up well to the racing.

Below is a map of the race venue to give you an idea of the location and the laydown.

We have changed the start location this year, from the start you will have a 500m gallop right in front of the start finish area so spectators will see some fast action, before a short sharp climb to join the course.  As you can see the course is pretty similar to last year but there are a few changes.  We have designed the route so it sticks to away from the playing field areas as although well drained these do tend to hold water more.  The 2 ditch crossing are in again as is the run up the steps.  The pits has been moved to a more centre of the course location.  The same caterers will be on site again this year as last.

Car park 2 is the reserve car park, I am sure all of you will park on car park 2.  You will be parked just off the road, you will not all be on the grass like last year.  It may mean you could have a slightly longer walk to the sign on.

There will be male and female changing in the building next to the sign on but there will be no shower facility.  If shoes are muddy after racing can I please ask you to take them off before going in the building to change.

Toilets are situated near the car park and will be better signed this year.

The water point is sited about 150m from the pits sorry I could not get it any closer!!

That’s about it, all is looking good and we hope you will enjoy the course and the event.

All the best


below:  Tidworth CX venue Map