Commissaire Course

On 3rd July at Cirencester, Gloucestershire there will be a one day training course to to qualify as an Assistant Commissaire. Once qualified you then can do Commissaire duties at events under the guidance of Regional Commissaires (All those long standing Comms in day-glo grey you see at races). Once you do a certain amount of events to an approved standard you will then qualify as a Regional Commissaire and be able to control future events. If you do race and you do Comms duties you will get maximum points as well as money towards your travel expenses, this will be £10 on the day from organiser and £10 per event direct from Wessex CX at end of season. When doing an event we would like you to not race on that day, there is a way to get your points that involves you actually racing but more on that later.

We are looking for around 3 new people, as usual we have a few people doing a lot and we want more people doing less, last Season I actually Commissaired at 10 events out of 14 events and for next season I would like to race more. We have a good friendly group of Commissaires at moment but more the merrier.

The course will be free, you have to get yourself there but Wessex CX will pay towards your petrol but I do believe that you can actually claim direct to BC for your expenses. Watch this space, while I find out.

If you are interested do contact me ASAP, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, I will try and answer or find out an answer for you.

Ian Mac