New Commissaire Course – FULL

Thank you to all who have stepped forward for possible Commissaire training, all spaces for the course are now allocated.


Our BC Regional Events Officer, Grant Bayton is organising a Commissaire’s course to train people to be a Commissiare for Cross races, he is hoping to have the one day course in either July or August at Marlborough.

We already have a good team of Commissaire’s but the more the merrier, Wessex Cyclo Cross will pay your travelling expenses for attending the course, after course you will have to do some Commissairing under the wing of a qualified Commissaire and when you have done so many events ( I can’t remember number) you will be a Regional Commissaire.

If you ride Wessex Cross races andyou become a Commissaire, for those events you carry out your role you will gain maximum points towards the league, to activate these points you will have to have finished 2 events, if you officiate at another event you will get max points again and as before you will need to finish two more events.

If you are interested let me know and when I have more details we can proceed from there, don’ hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Contact:   Ian MacDonald  (Wessex League )   email: