Pre-register now for the new 2023-24 season

Once again we are inviting riders to pre-register for the Wessex Cyclocross League so you can keep the same bib number throughout the season. 

Having riders retain their number means the league doesn’t need to print as many sets of numbers so there is less waste. This system also reduces the amount of administration and time at signing on as riders will not need to collect a new number each race. 

We will have a limited quantity of spares so please take care of your number and remember to bring it to each race.

As per last year your number will include your name and race category. 

This will make it easier to identify your closest rivals (and friends!) during the race and encourage spectators to cheer riders on! The addition of race category will help riders to identify who they are racing against in the races that include multiple age categories.

When registering please enter your name as it appears on your BC license and include your license number (if you have one). If you prefer to have a nickname on your bib there is an option for this at registration.

New BC Transgender & Non-Binary Participation policy

Please note that the race categories are slightly different this year due to the new BC Transgender & Non-Binary Participation policy that applies to cyclocross from 1st September 2023:The Policy for Competitive Activity covers all British Cycling-sanctioned competitive events. It will see the implementation of an ‘Open’ category alongside a ‘Female’ category. This means that the current men’s category will be consolidated into the ‘Open’ category.

Transgender women, transgender men, non-binary individuals and those whose sex was assigned male at birth will be eligible to compete in the ‘Open’ category. The ‘Female’ category will remain in place for those whose sex was assigned female at birth and transgender men who are yet to begin hormone therapy. At this stage, they will be eligible to compete in the ‘Open’ category only, and should ensure that they continue to adhere to the requirements of UK Anti-Doping.

Full policy can be seen here: BC Transgender & Non-Binary policy

Registration will close on 21/08/2023 to allow time for the numbers to be printed for distribution at the first round.

We would like to encourage people to register if they are planning to race more than a couple of rounds – especially if you would like your name printed on your number!

Important note

Please note that League Registration is separate to League Affiliation. In order to score league points you will need to be an Affiliated rider or ride for an Affiliated club. Most CX clubs in the region will be affiliated and if they appear on the drop down list on the registration form that means they affiliated last season. If your club does not appear on the drop down please send an email to so that we can sort it.

For more details on affiliations see here.