Wessex Cyclo-cross League Season Launch

Less than 1 week to go before Round 1 of the Wessex CX 22/23 league. Are you still in a lazy  ‘summer mode’ or have you been putting in the hard training intervals to hit the ground running, as it were? Surely you’re looking forward to the exciting season to come! 


The deadline for registration for the league has now passed, hence your chance to have a personalised number for the forthcoming season has gone, now that the order for the numbers has been sent to the printers.673 riders have registered across all categories this season – an all-time record for our pre-season registration. We look forward to welcoming you all to the events.The league has opened registration again, however, just to ease the on-the-day admin for event organisers, so should you wish to register please follow the link https://www.wessexcyclocross.co.uk/2022/miche-wessex-league-registration-2022-23/ , but remember it’s not necessary to do so to race in the league. 


Now registration is complete, we turn our attention to the completely separate thing that is affiliation. If you want to accrue league points and feature in the league tables, then the club or team that you race for, or you personally, if you are unattached, need to affiliate to the league.
Details are here: https://www.wessexcyclocross.co.uk/affiliate/  
Badger your Club secretary/treasurer to pay up before the 4th event of the season. 

League Events

You’ll need to enter the races as well, of course! This link takes you to the Miche Wessex Cyclo-Cross League series page, and it will populate as event organisers load them onto the British Cycling system and open the entries: https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events?series_id=741 

** League Registration is not League Affiliation is not Event entry. You are encouraged to do all three! ** 

New Logo

We’ve instigated a bit of a change. Same fantastic, family oriented, inclusive and fun league, but now with a brand new logo, as you will see from the images. Hopefully you’ll see it as an improvement on the old one, and you’ll see it on all our correspondence on going. It features on the new event flags the league has procured to help you navigate the race venue.

Another change for this season is that the podium presentations will be for the first 5 places, with the V60+ category being recognised too. 

Youth CX Training Day

The league is looking to fund a Youth training day somewhere around October Half term. Coaches are currently consulting on what can be offered, to who, and where, so keep a lookout for information on our social media channels giving information about date, time , and venue etc. 

Jet Washer Ban

The drought situation we find ourselves in following the long, hot, dry summer has resulted in hosepipe bans being imposed by Water Authorities. Putting legalities, and social/environmental responsibilities aside, to prevent the PR disaster of a CX event publicly blasting hundreds of gallons of water around with jet washers for no apparent good reason, the league is banning the use of such washers at our events in areas where hosepipe bans are in force. For clarity,  “event” includes car parks or immediate event venue vicinity where it would be possible for a member of the public to easily link you to participation in the league event. 

Not that jet washers should be necessary in the dry early season, but should it become muddy whilst a hosepipe ban persists, a bucket of water and a brush is all that will be allowed in the pits with which to clean your equipment, and even then, we ask for application of common sense. Please leave your power washers at home. Of course, the situation will be kept under review as the drinking water reservoirs fill up again. 

Rider Identification

New UCI / British Cycling (BC) Regulation “G2.3.4. Identification numbers must be displayed by all riders while participating, which includes any practice sessions or training, in any Event held under these Technical Regulations” requires ANY rider using the course is to be identifiable (in case of injury), and to have accepted the BC Ts&Cs. 

So, for practice/training on the course, you MUST have either:

1) Your timing chip fitted to your ankle 
2) Your race number attached to your OUTER garment
3) Your FULL name clearly displayed on your helmet.

** If you are found to be riding on the course without any method of identification detailed above, you will be prevented from continuing, and face possible disqualification from your race.  **

On-Board Cameras

Use of on-Board cameras in races is prohibited without prior permission from British Cycling,  there is a defined application process for it to be granted. The League has been notified by HQ of only one Senior Male rider who has been granted such permission, and no doubt he will create some exciting footage for us to watch. Do not be tempted to use cameras in our races; however, filming is permitted in practice sessions without the requirement for permission, but with safety caveats. Refer to General Technical Regulations 2.3.2 and 2.3.3 for further information.

Tech Regs

Having paid the rules a quick visit in the section above, it might be worth reminding yourself of the CX discipline rules too. Some nice bedtime reading for you all!

 Good Luck!

You may have seen the wealth of fantastic prizes given by our generous sponsors, Miche / Drais Holdings, given out at the end of last season. League winners got a Miche CX wheelset, 2nd got a Miche Cassette, and 3rd got a Miche Chain. So, who will be the lucky prize recipients at the end of the season? Good luck to all!Follow us on Social Media and keep tagging us and the sponsors in your posts. #michewessexcx #probablythebestcxleagueintheworld 

Let there be mud.