CX Hubz – the new app for the cyclocross community

Many of you will have already seen the CX Hubz app, a few leagues have already been using it. The app makes it quick and easy access to the latest news and league activity up and down the country, to choose your local league and keep up to date with events, fixtures and news.

We have just updated the Wessex CX page to make it a bit tidier and clearer to navigate.

To use the app download here (it’s free):…

It should be straight forward to use – you don’t need to set up an account unless you wish to post a comment on any news items.When you first install you can select Find Your League and make Wessex your home league – you will then see the Wessex CX page.

Events will take you to the Wessex Events web page where you can then click through to BC and enter races. Results takes you to the Wessex CX page on My Race Result where you can see previous results and live timings when you are at a race (no more hunting for QR codes!)

Everything else should be self explanatory. If there is anything you would like to see added then please let us know –