Round 1, Newbury

The new season arrived with a bang and we had ‘two firsts’, a separate women’s race which had 54 entries and a dead heat for the win in the senior race.

In the senior race the commissaries could not split Phil Pearce (Hope Factory Racing) and Adrian Lansley (Pedal On) after nine full laps where to two were inseparable throughout.

Today’s racing was promoted by Newbury RC and Palmer Park and held at the race course in the centre of Newbury. It was a mainly flat course on the infield with some very long straights and some twisty sections. The grass was short firm and very fast.

Pearce and Lansley made a quick start pulling out a lead of six seconds on third placed Sam Allen (Pedal On) and 26seconds on fourth place group of four riders Oscar Hutchings (VC Venta), Joe Hickerton (BPC Spokes Racing), Karl Norfolk (Pedal On) and Tom Budden (Sotonia CC).

By the mid race distance Lansley and Pearce led Allen by 24secs with Hutchings at 1min 14secs and Budden, Hickerton and Matthew Wakefield (Team Wakies) at 1min 20secs and then Norfolk, Chris Minter and Scott Chappell (Pedal On).

At the bell our two leaders were clear of third placed Allen by 24secs and fourth to eighth now two minutes down. As both came into view leading to the finish line they were locked together and on the line both riders lunged but could not be separated and the result called a dead heat.


Following a restructure of the race day Wessex League was able to run a separate women’s race and 54 proved we were right to do it. The very quick start from grass to gravel and back onto the grass helped in spreading out the riders and it was the fast starting Emily Wadsworth (Beeline Cycles RT)  followed by a trio Hargroves Ridley-Montezuma’s riders Abbie Manley, Katie Scott and Poppy Pattinson making the most of the conditions.

Helen Pattinson (Hargroves Ridley-Montezuma’s) was our first vet whilst Alison Rothnie (Spokes BPC Racing) was second senior but her race was over quickly as she jarred her back on the planks and retired. As the five laps ticked away Emily extended her lead over juniors Abbie and Katie before the former finally succumbed to the pace and lost her wheel and slipped back. In the latter stages of the race Lauren Cracknell (Pedal On) was holding a steady fifth place but she soon found a hard charging Sarah Barber (NHRC) for company and soon Sarah was clear and heading for a podium spot.

At the bell Wadsworth lead by 37secs from Scott with Manley now at 1min 31secs and first place Pattinson now at 1min 52secs. Barber was the second vet and Cracknell our second senior. Completing the podiums was Lindy Brazier-Larkin (Sarum Velo) in the seniors and Tracy Bremner (NHRC) for the vets.


In the vet 40+ race it was Paul Lloyd (Worx Factory Racing) from Crispin Doyle (Hargroves Ridley-Montezuma’s) and Jamie Norfolk in his first season as a vet after riding seniors for the last few seasons finishing third

In the combined race with the vets the junior’s race was won by Tom Couzens (Zappi’s Racing) after a race long tussle with Barney Clacy (Hargroves Ridley-Montezuma’s) with Palmer Park rider Matthew Coulson nearly a minute down.

The vet 50+ race saw a return to racing for Keith Sheridan and he held onto a lead from Phillip Boarer (GS Vecchi) right to the line with a winning margin of a single second. There was a close race behind the two leaders as Kevin Holloway (GS Vecchi), Dave McMullen (Cotswold Veldrijden) and Chris Hutchings (VC Venta) locked at around 25secs.

Provisional Results

(full results here)


1st Phillip Pearce Hope Factory Racing 57mins 43secs

1st Adrian Lansley Pedal On st

3rd Sam Allen Pedal On @47secs

4th Joe Hickerton Spokes BPC Racing

5th Oscar Hutchings VC Venta

6th Karl Norfolk Pedal On

7th Tom Budden Sotonia CC

8th Matthew Wakefield Team Wakies

9th Scott Chappell Pedal On


1st Emily Wadsworth Beeline Cycles RT 1st senior

2nd Katie Scott Hargroves Ridley-Montezuma’s 1st jun

3rd Abbie Manley Hargroves Ridley-Montezuma’s 2nd jun

4th Helen Pattinson Hargroves Ridley-Montezuma’s 1st vet

5th Sarah Barber   North Hants RC 2nd vet

6th Lauren Cracknell Pedal On 2nd senior

7th Lindy Brazier-Larkin Sarum Velo 3rd senior

8th Lydia Brookes Les Filles RT   

9th Kate Robson Pedal On

10th Melanie Smith Cotswold Veldrijden

Tracy Bremner North Hants RC was 3rd vet

Vet 40+

1st Paul Lloyd Worx Factory Racing

2nd Crispin Doyle Hargroves Ridley-Montezuma’s

3rd Jamie Norfolk Pedal On

4th Dan Guest Cotswold Veldrijden

5th David Spencer VC Venta


1st Tom Couzens Zappi’s RT 

2nd Barney Clacy Hargroves Ridley-Montezuma’s

3rd Matthew Coulson PPV

4th Pedal On

5th Euan Macleod Pedal On

Vet 50+

1st Keith Sheridan PM

2nd Phillip Boarer GS Vecchi

3rd Kevin Holloway GS Vecchi

4th Dave McMullen Cotswold Veldrijden

5th Chris Hutchings VC Venta