Your League needs You!

Hello EveryoneYourLeagueNeedsYou

The league secretary Ian MacDonald is stepping down this season so the league committee are looking for volunteers to step in and help fulfil Ian’s role. And to reduce the overhead the commitee are looking to divide the secretary’s responsibilities. If you would like to get involved and help the league then please contact Ian for more information. Email

Here is Ian’s message ;

Hi Wessex Folks

As you may know already at last AGM I resigned as General Secretary, it was mentioned on the night that the Committee had agreed that the role has become far too big for one person and it needs to be split up into smaller roles.

Below is a rough list (work in progress/can still be tweaked).
From this, what we need are keen volunteers to come forward and offer their services and take up the roles, this is your chance to have a part in Wessex CX rather than just be a rider etc.

None of the roles are too time consuming, I did all of these roles last season which took up a lot of my time but in the words of our Chairman “We would rather have lots doing less than less doing more” or words to that effect. At the moment we have too few people doing the most and were not getting any younger, time for those younger to step up , older people are welcome as well. Now the roles are smaller and less time consuming so easier for all.
If you do volunteer for any roles Wessex Committee will always be on hand to guide, help out etc, you will not be left to work things out for yourself.

If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have your eyes on any particular role I can fill you in with more details, you can contact me on this e-mail address or in evenings on preferably weekdays on 02380 428468.
Awaiting a deluge of replies
Ian Mac

General Secretary

Secretary often first point of contact. Queries from outside, e.g. newcomers, existing riders etc.
New people often need help to get going; how do I ride first event? Do I have to affiliate? etc.
Riders have the occasional query, usually they should go to League Secretary so will be passed on or answered.
Sometimes it’s about certain procedures like how is gridding done at race or why haven’t I got any points etc. First point referred to Chief Comm. (Ian Mac). Last point referred to League Secretary
Announcing new events, time changes etc. really anything to do with events, liaising with Website for addition of info plus sending out to all on Global List.

Minute Secretary

AGM: Arranging date, compiling Agenda, taking minutes of meeting and writing minutes out afterwards, releasing minutes to all.

Event Manager/Logistic coordinator (Might be shared between a few people)

This covers inspecting possible new courses, talking new organisers through running an event, being on hand during any event to guide organisers through procedure, just really being a Wessex representative on hand.

Making sure all required material is at each event EG. Numbers, pins, podium, event paperwork, signs etc.