Swindon Evening CX Series

The Swindon Supermarine Evening Cyclo-Cross series starts on Thursday 1st September and runs for four consecutive weeks.

Thurs 1st September –  Round  1

Thurs 8th September – Round 2

Thurs 15th September – Round 3

Thurs 22nd September – Round 4

A seperate Youth race will take place at 18:30 followed by the Senior/Vet/Women race at 19:30.

There are 60 places for each event.  In 2015 online entries took all 60 places.  There will be a reserve list on the night, this will be on a 1st come = 1st reserve basis to replace any DNS riders. 60 is maximum number of riders permitted.

You MUST have a good, working front light, unfortunatly no light no ride & if a light fails during the race, for your saftey you wil be asked to stop.

Presentations will be after the final event & will include chips & mayo.