Newbury Notes

The first Round of the Wessex League takes place this Sunday with a bumper pre-entry of 336 riders with more expected on the day.

Please Note:

  • V40 Mens Race has 7 places available
  • These will be allocated first-come-first-served on Sunday.
  • There is no reserve list for the V40 list so once these spaces are taken the race is full.
  • V40s may enter the Senior race.
  • Junior race is not full so Juniors may enter on the day.


Parking is close to HQ and the double pits, accessed off Arlington Lane.

We have a big entry so please park tightly and considerately!

NB Traffic! The County show is taking place near Junction 13 of the M4.

Signing On

U12s: sign on will be done first from 9.15 – 10.15

ALL other age groups: sign on will start about 10.20

Race numbers

Those who have pre-registered with Wessex League will collect their race numbers at sign on and KEEP them for the rest of the season.

Those who have not pre-registered MUST RETURN their numbers at the end of the day.

Timing chips


Multiple races?

Those who want to race in 2 different categories MUST have a separate number and timing chip for each race.

Warming up

There will be a period in between races for warming up on course. Be aware that there may still be riders from the previous race on course – DO NOT PASS THEM!



1. Immediately after each race we aim to carry out 1-2-3 podium presentations for each category.

2. NO further results will be made available during the day.

3. Full draft results should be available within 48 hours at the event website.

4. Minor place prize money will be paid by BACS

Have fun

The races are all run under Wessex League’s code of conduct. In essence…

· play nicely

· don’t shout at your children

· don’t expect everyone that you lap to bow down in front of you

· do as you would be done to please!

For first timers – advice

Start – faster riders get ‘gridded’ in rows of 6 – 8 at the front of the start area. Once all of them have been called up, the remainder of the field starts behind them in no particular order but still in rows.
Laps/distance – the races are run on elapsed time of the race leaders, to arrive at the typical race length e.g. approx. 40 minutes for Vets. Once the field has done a few laps the commissaires will determine how many laps remain and this will be displayed on a lap counter at the finish line. When the leader crosses the finish line to begin the last lap he/she and all behind will hear ‘the bell’.
Getting lapped – faster riders will lap slower riders. Lapping riders should call out to indicate their presence. Slower riders should give the racing line to those who are lapping. Done properly this works fine – do it properly!

Finish – funnily enough, the race is finished when the leader crosses the finish line! Everyone will be shown the chequered flag – no matter how many laps you have done your race is over at the chequered flag. Note if the leader laps you on his/her last lap you may not get to hear the bell!

Best wishes
Charlie (oraniser)
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07905 863864