Good Luck at the National Champs

This weekend brings the National Cyclo Cross Championships in Shrewsbury, at the Sports Village, and judging by the reports on the expected under-wheel conditions, those Wessex Riders who rode the Crabwood Event last weekend will have had some good practice, so I hope your wheel clearances are large and your pit crews have plenty of water. Wessex are well represented across the Categories with the following who will be taking the starters gun –


Veteran Women

  • Claire Smith                   Cotswold Veldrijden
  • Helen Pattinson             Solent Pirates


Veteran Men 50+

  • Sean Bolton                    Cotswold Veldrijden
  • Martyn Dymond            Cotswold Veldrijden
  • Philip Boarer                  GS Vecchi
  • Tim Costello                  GS Vecchi
  • Kevin Holloway             GS Vecchi
  • Anthony Dyment          North Hants RC
  • Chris Hutchings            VC Venta
  • Rob Tutt                         GS Europa
  • Steve Davies                   Hargroves Cycles – Ridley RT
  • Malcolm Cross               VC Venta
  • Charlie Elsey                  Newbury RC
  • Pete Hargroves              Hargroves Cycles – Ridley RT
  • Dave McMullen             Cotswold Veldrijden
  • Andy Roberts                 Cotswold Veldrijden


Youth Girls

  • Alderney Baker              Corley Cycles – Drops RT
  • Katie Scott                      Cotswold Veldrijden
  • Amy Perryman              Solent Pirates
  • Anna Wadsworth           Beeline Bicycles RT
  • Maddie Wadsworth        Beeline Bicycles RT
  • Emily Conn                    Palmer Park Velo RT
  • Alexa Hawkins               Palmer Park Velo RT
  • Amy Cantello                Solent Pirates
  • Poppy Pattinson             Solent Pirates
  • Millie Couzens               Zappi’s CC


Youth Boys

  • Barney Clacy                  Chapel Tristars
  • Archie Scott                   Cotswold Veldrijden
  • Will Cooper                    I-Team CC
  • Angus Hawkins             Palmer Park Velo RT
  • Callum Macleod            Palmer Park Velo RT
  • Tom Couzens                 Zappi’s CC
  • Fletcher Adams             Hargroves Cycles – Ridley RT
  • Sam Bishop                    Charlotteville CC
  • Arthur Boulton              Palmer Park Velo RT
  • Euan Macleod                Palmer Park Velo RT
  • Max Meadwell                Solent Pirates


Veteran Men 40-49

  • Jason Merriott                Army Cycle Union
  • Robin Wilmott               Cotswold Veldrijden
  • Crispin Doyle                 Hargroves Cycles – Ridley RT
  • Dan Guest                      Performance Cycles
  • Ray Robinson                 Army Cycling Union
  • Mark Shepherd              Banjo Cycles
  • Keith Sheridan              Cotswold Veldrijden
  • Alan Collins                   Portsmouth North End
  • Simon Meadwell            Solent Pirates
  • Richard Bennett            Wessex Raiders


Under 23 Men

  • Joseph Andrews             Private Member


Under 23 Women

  • Emily Wadsworth          Beeline – Gener8


Junior Men

  • Chris Rothwell               Ride 24/7
  • Harry Rose                     Zappi’s RT


Elite Women

  • Sarah Barber                   North Hants RC


Elite Men

  • Ben Sumner                   Beeline – Gener8
  • Sam Allen                      Pedalon
  • Adrian Lansley              Pedalon
  • Karl Norfolk                   Pedalon
  • Alex Forrester                Zepnat – Lazer Helmets RT


So in total 57 riders will be travelling from Wessex with the high expectations of winning medals individually and with great prospects of a few Team Championships. Indeed there are defending Champions Helen Pattinson, Dave McMullen and Hargroves Cycles/Ridley RT in the Elite and Overall competition all aiming to reproduce their rides from last season.

Wessex League wish you every success in your races and hope you achieve/exceed your personal race expectations.