League News for 2015/16

Following on from the AGM in April, and discussions between the committee and race organisers the following points will be in place for  the forthcoming season.

  • For the Women’s League a new award has been created with the introduction of a team award.
  • Chip Timing to be used at most Wessex Events, for first year this will not be compulsory for organisers but if successful it will be compulsory for Season 2016/17. Pre-registering for whole seaon, using same number and Transponder to be used all season amongst major differences. All events going to use Chip Timing will be announced shortly, at this point in time only the two Oxonian and Reading CC events will not be using it. More details to follow with registering to start via Wessex website early August.
  • A minimum prize list values will be introduced so that riders and organisers know what prizes will be offered. Before, riders raced but had no idea what might prize value might be awarded, now via this all riders will know that if they win what the minimum they can expect. This minimum prize list will hopefully be expanded by organisers if they so wish. More details to follow.
  • The first three riders will be presented straight after their race so everyone can applaud, take photos for press releases etc. This was meant to happen last season but with extra work because of splitting the Vets age cats it never really got going.
  • Under 12 events will hopefully have more testing courses rather than just riding around a flat field, there may be obstacles to get over and if possible short sharp up and downs, anything to add variety and add to lap time.
  • There will be gender equality in the prizes next season, next season if first Vet wins £20 the first Woman will win £20 and so on down prize list. British Cycling (BC) rules say that for prizes there should be one prize for every 5 riders entered. As the rules state: 1 – 5 riders – 1 prize, 6 – 10 riders – 2 prizes, 11 – 15 riders – 3 prizes and so on. The Women usually have a smaller field than men so the prize values will be equal but number of prizes will vary.
  • If organiser wishes they can have two seperate Vet races rather than two races on course at same time, this will make day longer but will make less riders on course at one time so making for a much safer race and other benefits. The usual Categories of last season will still ride together if races are seperate EG Vet 40/Junior and Vet 50/Women.
If you have any questions then please contact Ian MacDonald  email:   macbiking@tiscali.co.uk