Take3 Tri Xmas Offers

The Perfect Xmas present for the cyclist in your life!

Does your partner struggle to get you want you want for Xmas because you’ve been out and bought it all anyway…or they buy you clinchers when you ride tubs…buy you campag when you ride Shimano!?

Well, now they can treat you to something that every rider actually needs.

The take3 bike fitting offer of either one bike for a 20% discount or 2 bikes for the price of one still stands, and is the perfect gift for all those riders whose partners struggle every year with what to get you!

To clarify the great offer we have for you:

1 bike fitting – 20% off the normal price (£140 instead of £175)


2 bikes for the normal price of 1, so £175 for 2 bikes.

Already thinking about your road bike and the need to get that sported for spring…well this is the perfect opportunity.

Either buy direct through the website via the voucher options ( www.take3tri.co.uk ) or contact us on 01235 530439…and we will talk you through the process.