AGM Announcement

Wessex Cyclo Cross Annual General Meeting

 is to be held on Friday 11th April 2014 at 19.30hrs

at the 5th New Forest Testwood Scout HQ, Blackwater Drive, Calmore, Southampton, SO40 2QJ


Anyone can attend the meeting but only Private Members and two people from each Affiliated Club can actually vote at meeting.

This is the forum in which changes can happen from you. If you feel something needs changing or have an idea that will improve our local races do put forward a proposal.

Any proposals must have one Proposer and one Seconder

eg:- I propose that all Wessex Committee Members get a new Lexus car every season

Proposed: John Smith, Seconded: Jane Smith

The Proposer and Seconder must be either a Private Wessex Member or a member of an Affiliated Club.

All proposals must reach me (Ian MacDonald)  by 2nd April

If you have any queries or seek advice about meeting or proposals contact me, Ian Macdonald at or 02380 428468

or Kerie Wallace on or 07850 172929

That’s the announcement part and now a rather important part of this year’s AGM. For many years the Wessex Cyclo Cross League has been run by a small number of individuals. We have now become a victim of our own success and the amount of admin work has got really big, but we are still running with a few people and the time has come to make the Committee larger and split my roles up into 2 or 3 different jobs. These were briefly described in the League Presentation Report.


The proposed roles are below, I am dropping all my tasks except for the role of Commissaire Coordinator We need volunteers for the other roles, if you are thinking of volunteering then do let me or Kerie know before meeting. If you do come forward you will have full backing and assistance from the Committee, although not doing my role anymore I will be available showing new Committee members what to do for at least the whole of next season until their ready to go solo.


Commissaire Co-ordinator

Allocating Commissaires, making sure Commissaires are up to date with any new rulings, making sure trainee Commissaires get commissaires jobs at events to get up to accepted standard, getting and supplying clothing, attend any extra training / Courses /Conferences.



The first stop for any enquiries, contact from BC, Club CX reps, organisers (Existing and

potential), explaining rules, gridding and anything else that comes from riders. Arranging AGM, collating proposals, making Agenda for AGM, distributing Agenda, taking minutes of meeting, distribute Minutes and make people aware of any rule changes especially for Organisers as new rules may affect their event. Get teams together for Inter Regional Champs and enter teams and organise everything that goes with it.


Event Co-ordinator

Arrange calendar, offer advice to organisers, support organisers, send out Registration forms by a certain date to BC for inclusion in CX handbook and BC calendar, check with organisers as their event gets closer that everything is in place, send off all paperwork, first point of call from BC Results especially towards end of month for Ranking reasons.



Due to the passing of Geoff Shergold we need someone to step in to the Role of Chairman, it will be this person’s responsibility to preside of the Meetings and provide that extra piece of calmness and knowledge to ensure the Committee Members reach the correct decision.


The current Committee have thought that we should have a new position on the Committee of Riders Representative, this person will be the liaison between the riders and the Committee and give us feedback on what is working and what is not, so get your thinking caps on as to who this could be. You may also feel that we could have Coaching Coordinator, Youth Development Officer?


This list below is how the Committee looks/could look and so shows the positions we need to fill –

Chairman                                   Position vacant

Vice Chairman                          Graham Hurst

Secretary                                   Position vacant

Commissaire Co-ordinator        Ian Macdonald

Treasurer                                    Kerie Wallace

League Co-ordinator                 Kerie Wallace

Events Co-ordinator                  New position

Press Secretary              Graham Robbins

Webmaster                                Sean Bolton

Riders Representative               New Position

Finally, to be blunt and to the point, if the roles are not filled the Wessex Cyclo Cross League and everything else around it will not be able to function properly, and so consequently will not give you the quality Events and Racing which you have quite rightly come to expect, with of course the potential that it may not be able to function at all. So please, please step forward and put your name up for election to the Committee.