On Line Entries this season

This season a number of  Wessex League races can now be entered in advance,  usually a minimum of a week before the race.  This will mean on race day you can just go to signing on area, find your name on signing on sheet as it should already be there, show your licence and just sign in usual place then take your number.

You can still enter on the day but this gives you another way of entering, you can if you so wish enter all the Wessex races that are doing Online entries in one go.

Only British Cycling members can use the online entry mechanism.  If you want to use this option you will have to go the the event on the BC calendar on their website and if the event is doing Online entries there will be a big red Icon saying “ENTER”.  Click on here and log in.

On line entry is generally slightly cheaper than entering on the day, although there is an additional 70p administration charge (by British Cycling) which is added to the shown entry fee.

Click  HERE  to view the British Cycling guide to the online entry process.