Novice Races for this season

For this season several of the Wessex League cyclo-cross league events will also run a novice event.

The Novice race will start just behind the Youth race and last approximately 30 minutes.

The Novice race is run as a Go-Cross event (so no British Cycling licence or membership is required) and will be cheaper than the usual entry fee for the main races.

The idea of the novice race is to give newcomers to cyclo-cross an opportunity to try out racing over a shorter race without the pressure of racing amongst the more experienced and regular racers.

Any bike can be used, mountain bike or cyclo-cross bike, hybrid bike, or road bike.  Just ensure the bike is in good working order and you have appropriate tyres fitted, i.e. something suitable for riding off-road.

If you are curious to try cyclo-cross racing, but are a bit nervous about it, then the novice race will be an ideal way to find out what it is all about.

The novice race is intended to be an introduction to the sport and it is expected that riders will do a maximum of three novice races and then move up to the full category event (Senior, Veteran, Junior or Women).

There are no prizes in the novice race and the results are not counted in the Wessex League.

You can still enter the main Senior or Veteran/Junior/Women race if you prefer.

Not every Wessex League event will be hosting a novice race, so check the calendar to see if a novice race is on the schedule.