Inter-Area Championships

Inter-Area Championships

Message from Ian MacDonald.

It’s mid October and that can only mean one thing, time to think about Inter Area Team Champs.

They are to be held at Middlesbrough Sunday 10th November.

There are separate races for Youth, Vets, Women and a joint Senior/Junior one.

Because Middlesbrough is far up t’North we can understand a reluctance to go that far, we’re not that rolling in money and can’t pay for you to stay the night before so bearing that in mind I did manage to get British Cycling to agree that we could run an event locally because of the distance involved. AA suggested route from Southampton to Middlesbrough is 291 miles and they reckon to allow 5hrs 25 mins so a fair old trek even for those innorth of area.

If there is enough interest to get any teams up there we will enter teams but they will only accept full teams which is a mnimum of 3 riders and max of 4. For the Senior/Junior team it is a minimum of 4 and a max of 6.

We will pay your entry fee and give you an amount towards your petrol, if possible we hope people can share cars.

To ride for Wessex region you must actually reside within our area it doesn’t matter what team you ride for you must live within ertain Post Codes.

Let me know by 27th October if you would like to be considered, obviously we will chose the best we have to send but we can only send from those who express an interested so even if your not winning or getting on podium every race, show your interested and you may get picked. If you do express an interest to me can you also tell me what Post Code you live at then I can see if you qualify.

All entrants must have a minimum of BC Bronze membership.

For those riders who normally share a car with an under 12, there is a separate enter on the day under 12 event, this is not run as a Team Championship, it is just a normal Under 12 event and entry to this is your responsibility I can’t enter Under 12’s in advance.

Further event information can be found on the British Cycling Website at

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