The History of the Bill Higson Memorial Races

Bill Higson was a well-liked and enthusiastic member of Reading Wheelers Cycling Club.

The Son of Wheelers chairman Stan Higson (who led the club through to 1974 when it amalgamated to become Reading Cycling Club) Bill was a good all-rounder with success on both road and track including wins in the `Presidents 50` (1960 & `61)

He always enjoyed the club Cyclo –Cross, called a `scramble` in those days, and usually ended up in the pond at Burgfield Common, complete with bike, for a post-race `dip`!

Bill was tragically killed in a road accident in 1965.

Guest of Honour at the Club dinner, Alan Jacob ( a well-known `Independent` rider in the 1960`s) gave the club a trophy, which when suitably engraved became the `Bill Higson Memorial Cup` to be awarded to the winner of the Club`s annual Cyclo-Cross.

The first winner being Dave Wren in 1966.

Photo: Bill riding in the Reading Wheelers `Scramble` in 1964

Many thanks to Graham Yates for supplying the text and photo.