Report Rnd 5, GWR Team Swindon, 14th Oct 2012

After a race long tussle John Whittington (CNP Obrea) piped Paul Lloyd (Ride on Air) by a couple of seconds at the Supermarine Rugby club venue in Swindon. Once the race got underway these two riders along with Ian Legg (Primera/ Specialized) eased away from the rest of the chasing bunch.

Report by Graham Robins       Photo Gallery by Graham Robins

Full results are below and also on the GWR Team Blog.

The course was laid out around a couple of Rugby/Football pitches and had a wooded copse at each end with a muddy bank, planks and a twisty section for the spectators to enjoy. The grass was dry and it didn’t cut up much and even the woods were dry.

Once the race settled John and Paul eased away leaving Ian distanced but clear enough of a small group of three which included Richard Lewis (North Hants RC) and Scott Chappell (Behind the Bike Shed). Both leaders were working hard together and their lead soon was over thirty seconds.

At the bell the two leaders could not be separated, they entered the first copse with Paul in front but it was John that was first out. As they sped along side the pitches John attacked but Paul jumped onto his wheel. Out of site at the bottom of the course the two swopped places until they arrived at the planks. John had a little slip when he seemed to catch the top of the plank but he managed to regain his balance and jumped back onto his bike just ahead of Paul. They were neck and neck into the twisty section where they managed to catch a couple of back markers. John was clear and afterwards Paul said he “wasn’t hindered by the back markers and that John was the stronger of the twp riders”.

Provisional Result  (Seniors)

1st John Whittington CNP Obrea

2nd Paul Lloyd Rides on Air @2secs

3rd Ian Legg Primera Specialized

4th Richard Lewis CC Basingstoke

5th Scott Chappell Behind the Bike Shed


photo right:  race organiser Dan Smith

takes timeout to ride the Seniors.



In the combined Vet/ junior/ Women race Lewis King (Beeline Cycles) stormed away from the start and never looked like being caught. When the race started four riders were together until they settled down. At the front along with Lewis was Mike Simpson (GS Henley) ‘fresh’ from the National Trophy race across the bridge in Abergavenny and junior rider Matt Woods (Hargroves Cycles)

On the second lap Lewis extended his lead over Mike to forty seconds with Matt a further nine seconds back Will Girvan (North Hants RC) just behind him as the laps ticked down Lewis’s gap hovered around thirty seconds over Mike, Will was now at 55secs and Matt had slipped back to over two minutes. At the end of the race Lewis was a clear winner from Mike.

photo right:  Andy Smith competes in his

second cross race of the day.  Kudos!

Provisional Result Vets

1st Lewis King Beeline Cycles

2nd Mike Simpson GS Henley

3rd William Girvan North Hants RC

4th Steve Dance Andover Wheelers

5th Peter Scott Cotswold Veldrijden

Provisional Result Juniors

1st Matt Woods Hargroves Cycles

2nd Rob Bolwell Wight Mountain

Provisional Result Women

1st Sarah Barber North Hants RC

2nd Claire Smith Cotswold Veldrijden


The youth race was won by local rider Jack Saunders (Swindon RC), and once he pulled clear of a chasing pair he was never challenged. There was an interesting tussle behind between with Tom Sewell (Swindon RC) and William Crofts (BCDS), these two riders were never separated throughout the race and it all came down to a mistake at the planks when William slipped and Tom passed him and into the twisty section just before the finish line. William pulled back Tom a little but was unable to deny Tom a fine second place. The winner of the girls race was Zoe Sheehan (Swindon RC), showing that the local club have some very good riders coming throught their youth development ranks.

Provisional Result

1st Jack Saunders Swindon RC

2nd Tom Sewell Swindon RC

3rd William Crofts BCDS

4th Dan Tuley Chapel tri Stars


The first race of the afternoon for Under 12s saw three riders locked together for the entire race until the last few meters. Angus Hawkins and team mate Jay Allen (PPV) along with Harry Dridge (Southdown Velo) were locked together for lap after lap. While Angus was winning Harry had a slip on the slippery bank within sight of the finish. He soon re-mounted his bike to take the final podium place. For the second week running Abbie Manley (Chapel tri Stars) was the first girl extending her lead in the league in only her fifth Cyclo Cross race in her first season. Second girl was Alderney Baker (Southdown Velo) with Madeline Cooper (Chapel tri Stars)

Provisional Result

1st Angus Hawkins PPV

2nd Jay Allen PPV

3rd Harry Dridge Southdown Velo

4th Rowan Turner

5th Ryan Hodgkyns Poole Wheelers

6th Abbie Manley Chapel tri Stars


Results:  Seniors

1 Mr John Whittington CNP – Orbea Senior
2 Mr Paul Lloyd Senior
3 Mr Ian Legg Primera-Specialized Senior
4 Mr Richard Lewis Cycle Club Basingstoke Senior
5 Mr Scott Chappell Behind The Bikeshed Senior
6 Dr Daniel Bell Ellmore Factory Racing Senior
7 Mr Nick Charlton-Smith Vectis Roads CC N/A
8 Mr Christopher Atkins Team Specialized Senior
9 Mr Benoit Davies Senior
10 Mr Aaron Tayler Cotswold Veldrijden Senior
11 Mr Michael Holborow Cotswold Veldrijden Senior
12 Mr Daniel Smith GWR Team/Swindon Cycles/High5/… Senior
13 Mr William Girvan North Hampshire RC Vet 40-49
14 Mr Ian Threadgold Cheltenham & County CC Senior
15 Mr Will Poole Bristol & District Triathl… Senior
16 Mr James Bratt
17 Mr George Fisher Senior
18 Mr Thomas Holden Cotswold Veldrijden Senior
19 Mr David Barnaville Felt-Colbornes RT Senior
20 Mr Adam Buckland Banjo Senior
21 Mr Tony Parker North Hampshire RC
22 Dr Owen Jeffries Northern CC/Dave Kane Cycles Senior
23 Mr Joe Kickerton
24 Mr Graham Dance
25 Mr Benjamin Hall Bristol RC Senior
26 Mr Stuart Thompson Andover Whls Senior
27 Mr Tom Underhill Finsbury Park CC Senior
28 Mr James Britton Severn RC Senior
29 Mr Mark Ayling CC Abergavenny
30 Mr Steven Green Bristol South CC Senior
31 Mr Martyn Green Severn RC N/A
32 Mr Peter Belsoy?
33 Mr Fraser MacDonald Cotswold Veldrijden Senior
34 Mr Tim Cobby Senior
35 Mr Paul Whitesmith
36 Mr Nick Hatchants
37 Mr Aaron Collins Swindon RC Senior
38 Dr Andrew Kearsey Senior
39 Mr John Cunningham Senior
0 Mr Kieran Blair VC Bristol – Webbs of Warmley … Senior
0 Mr Lee Groenewegen
0 Mr Chris Reed Vet 40-49
0 Mr Adam Studholme Zappi’s Cycling Club Senior



Results:  Veteran/Women/Junior

1 Mr Lewis King Beeline Bicycles RT Vet 40-49
2 Mr Mike Simpson G.S. Henley Vet 40-49
3 Mr William Girvan North Hampshire RC Vet 40-49
4 Mr Matthew Woods Hargroves Cycles-Specialized-T… Junior
5 Mr Steven Dance Andover Whls Vet 40-49
6 Mr Peter Scott Cotswold Veldrijden Vet 40-49
7 Mr Peter Hutchinson Cotswold Veldrijden Vet 40-49
8 Mr Tony Davis Dream Cycling Vet 40-49
9 Mr Robin Wilmott GA Cycles Vet 40-49
10 Mr Andy Webb Kenilworth Wheelers CC Vet 50+
11 Mr Vince Page Team Echelon – Rotor Vet 40-49
12 Mr Paul Axon Vet 40-49
13 Mr Ian Daws Ride 24/7 Vet 40-49
14 Mr Barry Clewett Veteran
15 Mr Simon Meadwell Bournemouth Jubilee Whls Vet 40-49
16 Master Robert Bolwell VC St Raphael Junior
17 Mr Gareth Dridge Southdown Velo
18 Mr Vilas Silverton Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team Vet 40-49
19 Mr Ian Robson MTS Cycle Sport/ Inkland / Elv… Vet 50+
20 Mr Martyn Dymond unattached Vet 40-49
21 Mr John Dalton Cheltenham & County CC
22 Mr Callum Haseler Cotswold Veldrijden Junior
23 Mr Richard Lewis Kenilworth Wheelers CC Vet 40-49
24 Mr Nick Walmsley Cotswold Veldrijden Vet 40-49
25 Mr Chris Hutchings Velo Club Venta Vet 40-49
26 Mr Niel Dunnage Swindon RC Vet 40-49
27 Mr Anthony Turner Cotswold Veldrijden Vet 40-49
28 Mr Robert Carter Vet 40-49
29 Master Leon Mander Junior
30 Mr Andy Smith Cotswold Veldrijden Vet 40-49
31 Mr Darren Chappell Behind The Bikeshed Vet 40-49
32 Mr Andrew Gardner
33 Mr Adam Beddall Gloucester City CC Junior
34 Mr Stephen Longman Andover Whls Vet 40-49
35 Mr Joseph Andrews I-Team Cyclists’ Club Junior
36 Ms Sarah Barber
37 Mr Richard Bremner North Hampshire RC Vet 40-49
38 Mrs Claire Smith Cotswold Veldrijden Veteran
39 Mr Andrew Posthuma
40 Mr Paul Sewell Cotswold Veldrijden Vet 40-49
41 Mr Darren Dollery Wightlink Cycle RT Vet 40-49
42 Mr James Morris VC Meudon Veteran
43 Mr Colin Murphy North Hampshire RC Vet 40-49
44 Mr Graham Hughes Cotswold Veldrijden Vet 40-49
45 Mr Sean Bolton Swindon RC Vet 40-49
46 Miss Corinne Clark Cotswold Veldrijden Senior
47 Mr Simon Hudson Oxford City RC Vet 40-49
48 Mr Phillip Chinn Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club Vet 40-49
49 Mr Gareth Walker Cotswold Veldrijden Vet 40-49
50 Miss Ruby Baker Behind The Bikeshed Senior
51 Mr Peter Tesar Behind The Bikeshed Vet 40-49
52 Dr Harjinder Obhi Veteran
53 Mr Paul Meyer Cheltenham & County CC Vet 40-49
54 Mr Steve Clarke Vet 40-49
55 Mr Michael Poazo
56 Mr Patrick Alexander Cheltenham & County CC Vet 40-49
57 Mr Paul Langdon Veteran
58 Mr Neil Horner Behind The Bikeshed Vet 50+
59 Mr Stephen Dines Vet 50+
60 Mr David Scott Behind The Bikeshed Vet 40-49
61 Mr John Hawes Cheltenham & County CC Veteran
62 Mr David Woods Cotswold Veldrijden Vet 50+
63 Mr Paul Shaftoe Corinium CC
64 Mr Lee Bradley Veteran
65 Mr Andrew Pond White Mountain Red Funnel Vet 40-49
66 Mr Paul Wood Swindon Wheelers Vet 50+
68 Mr Paul Loosemore Team Striking Bikes Vet 40-49
69 Mr Pete Martin
70 Mr Richard Bennett Cotswold Veldrijden Vet 40-49
0 Mr Steve Foster North Hampshire RC Vet 40-49



Results:  Youth

1 Master Jack Saunders Swindon RC Youth
2 Master Thomas Sewell Swindon RC Youth
3 Master William Crofts Bristol Cycling Development Sq… Youth
4 Master Daniel Tuley Chapel Tri-Stars Junior Triath… Youth
5 Master Cameron Thompson Andover Whls Youth
6 Master Elliot Lassiter Swindon RC Youth
7 Mr Oliver Hayward
8 Mr Albert Baker Behind The Bikeshed Youth
9 Master Charlie Cooper I-Team Cyclists’ Club Youth
10 Mr Kieran Woods Charlotteville CC Youth
11 Mr Erin Baker Southdown Velo Youth
12 Miss Zoe Sheehan Swindon RC Youth
13 Miss Rebecca Hurst Poole Whls CC Youth
14 Miss Rhianna Jones Swindon RC Youth
15 Mr Bryn Turner Youth
16 Master Ben Bishop Charlotteville CC Youth
17 Master Liam Sewell Swindon RC Youth
18 Mr James Scott
19 Mr Ned Collyer Dream Cycling Under 12
20 Miss Seren Jones Swindon RC Youth
0 Mr Josh Mallinson
0 Mr Ieuan Woods Charlotteville CC Youth


Results:  Under 12


Angus Hawkins


Jay Allen


Harry Dridge


Ned Collyer


Rowan Turner


Ryan Hodigkyns


Abbie Manley


Fred Walmsley


Alderney Baker


Thomas Green


Madeline Cooper


Alexa Hawkins


Rachel Thompson


Freddie Horner


Natalie Moore


Lucy Gadd


Tyler Smith


Ellis Jones


Finn Hawkins


Toby Scott


Paul Meyer


William Gadd


Verity Kinch


Ellie Walker


Andrew Loosemoore


Lewis Seaward


Marhsall Thompson


Daniel Phillips


Glen Phillips


Jake Gaunt


Ben Berry


Sam Carter


Ella Shaftoe


Lucy Shaftoe?


Max Berry