Report, Inter Area Championships, 11th Nov 2012

The Inter Area Championships were held at the Milton Keynes Bowl is bright sunny conditions.

Well  done to Abbie Manley and Madeline Cooper on their wins at the Inter Regional Championships today at Milton Keynes in the supporting Unders 12s races.

1st  Madeline Cooper U10G

1st  Abbie Manley  U12G


In the Veterans race Sean Williams had an excellent ride to finish 10th overall and lead Wessex to a commendable fourth place in the team competition.


Senior Men

1st Lee Williams Wales A Senior

2nd Harry Franklin London A Senior

3rd Dave Collins East Midlands A Senior

52nd Oscar Hutchings South: Wessex A Senior

54th Leon Mander South: Wessex A Senior

58th Joseph Andrews South: Wessex A Senior

63 finishers


Senior Team

1st Yorkshire  28

2nd London 39

3rd East Midlands A 61



Senior Women

1st Adela Carter Yorkshire A

2nd Alice Barnes Central A

3rd Annabel Simpson Yorkshire A



1st Darren Atkins West Midlands A Veteran

2nd Andy Peace Yorkshire A Veteran

3rd Chris Rathbone East Midlands A Veteran

10th Sean Williams South : Wessex A Veteran

14th Keith Sheridan South : Wessex A Veteran

29th Dave Hobbs South : Wessex A Veteran

48th Malcolm Cross South : Wessex A Veteran

56 finishers


Veterans Team

1st Yorkshire 18

2nd West Midlands  A 24

3rd East Midlands A 30

4th South Wessex  53



1st William Gascoyne East Midlands A Youth

2nd David Barnes London A Youth

3rd Daniel Tulett London A Youth

18th Chris Rothwell Wessex – Western A Youth

48th Dan Tuley Wessex – Western A Youth

53rd Elliot Lassiter Wessex – Western A Youth

69nd Charlie Cooper Wessex – Western A Youth

86 finishers


 Youth Team

1st London A 12

2nd East Midlands A 19

3rd West Midlands A 25

13th South (West/Wessex combined) 119


Full results, report and photographs can be seen on the British Cycling Inter-Areas webpage.